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Climb In Her Window Cum In Her Mouth Mena Carlisle Xander Corvus


Climb In Her Window Cum In Her Mouth Mena Carlisle Xander Corvus

Petite Mena Carlisle is always up to no good and, despite being a perfectly capable adult, her overbearing dad always has a watchful eye on her. Today, horny Mena steals the household robotic vacuum and straps a dildo to the front. Mena uses the vacuum to penetrate her tight pussy until her dad busts her in the act! He’s shocked by her deviant behavior and tells her to stay in her room until she’s ready to apologize for her perverted antics. Looking out her window, Mena can’t help but notice the hunky landscaper, Xander Corvus, working in the backyard. Playful Mena is ready to put her horny brain-power toward getting Xander out of the sun and into her pussy!

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Climb In Her Window Cum In Her Mouth Mena Carlisle Xander Corvus
Climb In Her Window Cum In Her Mouth Mena Carlisle Xander Corvus

Down-to-earth and an all-around easygoing guy, Xander Corvus likes playing video games and nerding out with his buddies when he isn’t busy rocking out with his cock out. Often cast in the nerdy, geeky and guy-next-door roles, he brings an air of authenticity to every role that just can’t be taught. Of course, if you get a rocker vibe from Xander, it’s for good reason: when he isn’t on his Xbox or pounding pussy, he’s singing in his metal band! Slim, with a signature unkempt charm, Xander is a favorite among girls and porn fans alike for his playful personality and peerless fucking technique, netting him the highly coveted AVN Award for Best Male Newcomer! So whether you like your guys approachably geeky or charmingly charismatic rock stars, you can have it all with Xander Corvus!

Described as “shy in the streets” but a “freak in the sheets,” all-natural babe Mena Carlisle has the face, boobs, and ass of a high-ranking pornstar. Sweet-looking Mena may be barely five feet tall, but she has no qualms about taking on the biggest cocks in the industry, and she will happily fuck and suck until every one of her holes is dripping with cum. On the outside, the dark-haired beauty is a completely normal person who enjoys reading, yoga, traveling, and listening to music… But in front of the camera, Mena turns into a vivacious spinner who packs a lot of sexual talent into her petite 4’11” frame. For one thing, she can jerk off a hard cock with only one foot! In recognition of Mena’s gorgeous looks and dedication to the smut biz, the Detroit native was recently nominated for an UrbanX award. Check out Mena’s out-of-this-world scenes down below!

Date: September 8, 2022